Senior Pet Care in Alameda, CA

Thanks to advances in technology and veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever. However, with an increased lifespan comes an increase in old-age ailments such as arthritis and senility. At Providence Veterinary Hospital & Clinic, we want to help pets of Alameda, Oakland, and San Leandro enjoy their golden years with senior pet care that seeks to minimize their discomfort and maximize their well-being.

senior pet care in alameda, ca

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Common Senior Pet Ailments

Our senior pets are vulnerable to many of the same conditions and ailments that befall us in our older age. These include:

  • Arthritis
  • Weight and mobility issues
  • Dental disease
  • Cancer
  • Behavioral changes and senility
  • Hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance
  • Heart, kidney, or liver disease

Recommendations for Keeping Your Senior Pet Happy & Healthy

The single best way to keep your senior pet in good health is with routine veterinary visits! At an annual or semiannual wellness exam, we’ll run age-appropriate blood work and other tests that can help with early detection of disease. With early detection, we can delay the onset or progress of diseases. Plus, routine visits are important for touching base with you to see if you’ve identified any behavioral changes at home that could be the result of senility, pain, or other old-age issues. Our aim is to work closely with you during your pet’s golden years to keep them as happy and healthy as possible so you can enjoy more quality time with them.