Stress-Less Cat & Dog Exams in Alameda, CA

At Providence Veterinary Hospital & Clinic, preventive care is a primary focus. Your pet’s health can change quite a bit year to year, and annual (or semiannual) cat and dog exams help us stay on top of those changes and keep them healthy and happy for years to come. Both our hospital in the East End of Alameda and our clinic in the West End are able to provide comprehensive wellness care to our area's pets, including those from Oakland and San Leandro. Plus, we're Cat Friendly Practices and our staff are Fear-Free Certified Professionals, so you and your pet will enjoy a less stressful vet visit!

dog exams in alameda, ca

When was the last time your pet saw the vet?
Annual exams are essential for their continued well-being!

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Why Are Yearly Wellness Exams So Important?

Yearly check-ups are the best way to ensure your pet lives the longest, healthiest, and happiest life possible. Cats and dogs are masters at hiding signs of illness until it’s much further progressed, which makes it more difficult to treat. With regular check-ups, we can spot problems at their earliest stages when issues can often be addressed simply and cost-effectively. And yes, every pet needs to see the vet regularly!

So, whether you have a dog that frolics in the park with the neighborhood pups, or a cat whose closest encounter with the outdoors is a sunny windowsill, they need annual vet visits!

What to Expect at a Wellness Exam

We tailor our cat and dog exams to meet each individual’s needs. Yet, there are some common procedures we’ll perform at every exam for a full, comprehensive health assessment. Here’s what you can expect at your pet’s next exam:

  • A discussion of your pet’s medical history so we can establish baseline health and better understand their lifestyle
  • A complete nose-to-tail physical to assess the skin, coat, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and the heart and lungs
  • Vaccination discussion and administration, if needed
  • Age-appropriate lab work including complete blood count, blood chemistry panels, urinalysis, and heartworm screening
  • Parasite prevention discussion
  • Nutrition discussion
  • Answering any questions or concerns you have about your pet

All of these services are essential for not only establishing your pet’s baseline health but for early detection of disease so we can treat any issues promptly. If your pet is due for a yearly exam, don’t wait!

Contact us today at either (510) 521-6608 (Hospital – East End) or (510) 521-5775 (Clinic – West End).