Different Dog Diseases to be Aware of in Alameda, CA

It is a lot of responsibility to take care of a dog, especially a small puppy. While most dogs have strong immune systems, some dogs are at risk for common dog diseases, some of which are highly contagious. It is good to be aware of these different dog diseases, including treatments, symptoms, and basic life-saving information. Stay calm and remain relaxed while your dog is sick. Too much stress can give your pet anxiety, which will lead to your dog taking longer to recover.

Listed below are some of the most common dog diseases and what to watch out for with each condition.

Canine Hepatitis

Canine hepatitis is a viral infection that is uncomfortable and spreads quickly through saliva, urine, and feces. This particular disease or virus is really common in puppies. Usually, it is not life-threatening, but recovery time does drag and take long when there is no treatment or veterinary intervention.

The common symptoms of canine hepatitis are similar to other common dog diseases, which makes diagnosing the viral infection difficult without a blood test to look for a positive mark. If your dog has a fever, pale gums, vomiting, shaking, depression, and a weak digestive system because the virus attacks the liver and kidneys, call your dog’s vet as soon as possible.

Different dog diseases to be aware of in Alameda, CA

Canine Parainfluenza

Another common dog disease that affects dogs is canine parainfluenza. This particular dog disease affects both puppies and older dogs. However, middle-aged dogs are rarely even sick from canine parainfluenza. The virus frequently attacks the lungs, making it a respiratory infection caused by a virus.

Some experts and pet owners refer to this condition as a type of kennel cough because of how contagious it is. Usually, dogs in kennels and adoption centers get sick with the virus as they are all in close proximity to each other. The virus spreads through touch and saliva. Dogs with canine parainfluenza are likely to react to the virus with coughing, shakiness, loss of appetite, and general exhaustion. You do need to use antibiotics to fight the infection as it does not go away on its own and can kill young puppies and sick older dogs.


Parvovirus is a huge concern among dog owners because it is one of the most life-threatening viral diseases. The worst part is not that it is viral, but the condition is super contagious. Puppies have a higher risk for parvovirus, but dogs of any age can catch the infectious disease. Vaccinations help prevent this from happening. Always vaccinate puppies on time against parvovirus. Stay away from dogs that have not received the vaccine. If you want to socialize your puppy, do so in an official training session or club that requires vaccinations. Keep puppies away from public dog parks until they are fully vaccinated.


Technically, rabies is a common problem among all pets, especially those that live and play outside. Rabies is a viral disease that is super contagious. It has unique characteristics that make diagnosing easy and fast.

Usually, rabies can occur because of mild exposure to other animals with this disease. This disease is super common in bats and raccoons. Even one exposure can spread the virus throughout your puppy’s body. For example, if these animals bite your dog, even if it is a small nip, the disease spreads through your dog’s bloodstream quickly.

Bats and raccoons do not have to bite dogs, though, to spread the disease. If your dog has a wound, and anything touched by an infected animal also touches that wound, they could become infected. The disease causes large changes in behaviors, aggression, and foaming at the mouth. Sometimes dogs with rabies feel paralysis and fever and suffer from life-threatening seizures.

dog diseases in Alameda, CA

What to do if you Suspect your Dog has a Dog Disease

If you suspect that your dog is sick and has a common disease, start looking at the symptoms to quickly assess the situation. If the situation or disease is dangerous and contagious, immediately take your dog to an emergency vet. However, if your dog’s condition is sick but not enough to require emergency medical attention, control the symptoms the best you can.

Dehydration is a huge concern since it leads to heat strokes and exhaustion. If your dog is throwing up, keep leading them to water. Encourage hydration and keep them cool with the air conditioner or fan on in the room.


Overall, dogs are strong pets that usually do not get sick. However, there are common diseases that spread quickly among dogs that are close in proximity to each other. It is good to be aware of the specific diseases because they can be dangerous and deadly if not treated in time.

For more information on these diseases, call Providence Veterinary Hospital East at (510) 521-6608 or West at (510) 521-5775.

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